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A coin is a piece of hard material used primarily as a medium of exchange or legal tender. They are standardized in weight, and produced in large quantities at a mint in order to facilitate trade.

 They are most often issued by a government. Coins are usually metal or alloy, or sometimes made of synthetic materials. They are usually disc shaped. Coins made of valuable metal are stored in large quantities as bullion coins. Other coins are used as money in everyday transactions, circulating alongside banknotes. Usually the highest value coin in circulation (i.e. excluding bullion coins) is worth less than the lowest-value note.

In the last hundred years, the face value of circulation coins has occasionally been lower than the value of the metal they contain, for example due to inflation. If the difference becomes significant, the issuing authority may decide to withdraw these coins from circulation, or the public may decide to melt the coins down or hoard them

Book List – 240 Books  on your Disk


A Cabinet Of Roman Imperial Large Brass Medals – W. H. Smyth (1834)
A Catalogue of English Coins in the British Museum – The Norman Kings –  Vol I (1916)
A Catalogue of English Coins in the British Museum – The Norman Kings –  Vol II (1916)
A Catalogue of Greek, Roman and English coins, medallions and medals – C. Cock (1742)
A Collection Of Roman Coins At Eton College – F. J. Thackeray (1882)
A Counting House Dictionary – R. Bithell (no date)
A Descriptive Catalogue of Coins, Tokens and Medals – Canada – Robert Wallace McLachlan (1886)
A Descriptive Catalogue of Coins, Tokens and Medals – Canada – Robert Wallace McLachlan (1887)
A descriptive catalogue of the London traders, tavern, and coffee-house tokens current in the seventeenth century – J Burn (1855)
A Dictionary of Numismatic Names – Albert R Frey (1917)
A guide to English pattern coins in gold, silver, copper, and pewter – from Edward I. to Victoria, with their value – G. F. Crowther (1887)
A Guide to the Coins of Great Britain & Ireland – by W S Thorburn
A Guide to the English Medals exhibited in the King’s Library – by Herbert Greuber
A history of Currency in the British Colonies – R Chalmers 1893
A History Of Currency in the British Colonies – R. Chalmers (1893)
A History Of Monetary Systems – A. Del Mar (1901)
A manual of Gold and silver coins of all nations – J. R. Eckfeldt (1851)
A memoir of the life and works of William Wyon (c.1838)
A Numismatic Manual – John Yonge Akerman (1840)
A Report Containing an Essay for the Amendment of Silver Coins (1695)
A select collection of scarce and valuable tracts and other publications on paper currency and banking – J McCulloch (1857)
A Short Account of Scottish Money and Coins (1817)
A Short History of Coins and Currency (1903) – Lord Avebury
A supplement to the coinage of Scotland – J Lindasy (1859)
A Table of English Silver Coins from the Norman Conquest to the Present time
A Treatise on Coins, Currency and Banking – Henry Nicholas Sealy (1858)
A Treatise on the Coins of the Realm – C Jenkinson (1880)
A Treatise on the Coins of the Realm – Effingham Wilson (1880)
A Treatise on the Coins of the Realm in a letter to the King – Charles Earl of Liverpool 1805
A view of the coinage of Ireland – J Lindasy (1839)
A View Of The Coinage of Ireland from the invasion of the Danes to the reign of Geroge IV- J. Lindsay (1839)
A view of the coinage of Scotland  with copious tables, lists, descriptions – J Lindsay (1845)
A Vindication of the Celtic inscriptions on Gaulish and British coins – by Beale Poste
Alphabetical list of Provincial Copper Coins or Tokens issued between 1786 and 1789 – S Birchall 1796
An Account of some Rare and Unpublished Ancient British Coins – J Evans 1860
An Alphabetical list of provincial copper-coins, or tokens, issued between the years 1786 and 1796 – S Birchall (1796)
An arrangement of Provincial Coins, Tokens, and Medalets issued in Great Britain, Ireland and the Colonies (within-8CR-Q4JK
An assemblage of coins – Samuel Pegge (1772)
An enquiry into … Decimal Coinage and the Metric System Edwyn Anthony (1904)
An essay on medals  – J Pinterton (1784)
An Essay on the Means of Distinguishing Antique, from Counterfeit, Coins and Medals – G Beauvais (1918)
An essay on the Numismatic History of the Ancient Kingdom of the East Angles – D H Haigh 1845
An Historical and Critical Account of a Grand Series of National Medals published under the direction of James Mud-75Q6VM7Z
An_essay_on_medals Vol I – John Pinkerton (1808)
An_essay_on_medals Vol II – Johm Pinkerton (1808)
Ancient Cambridgeshire … with a record of the places where Roman coins and other remains have been found – C. Babington (1883)
Ancient coins of cities and princes, geographically arranged and described – J akerman (1846)
Ancient Gaulish Coins (Inc the Channel Islands) – B. Roth (no date)
Annals of the Coinage of Britain and its Dependencies, Vol I – Rev Rogers Ruding 1819
Annals of the Coinage of Britain and its Dependencies, Vol I (expanded to the reign of Victoria) – Rev Rogers Ruding 1840
Annals of the Coinage of Britain and its Dependencies, Vol II – Rev Rogers Ruding 1819
Annals of the Coinage of Britain and its Dependencies, Vol II (expanded to the reign of Queen Victoria) – Rev Roge-SP_VFKF1
Annals of the Coinage of Britain and its Dependencies, Vol III – Rev Rogers Ruding 1819
Annals of the Coinage of Britain and its Dependencies, Vol IV – Rev Rogers Ruding 1819
Annals of the Coinage of Britain and its Dependencies, Vol V – Rev Rogers Ruding 1819
Attirbution of the Ancient British Coins Inscribed DIAS Or DEAS – P. Carlyon-Britton [8-page Article]
Australasian Token and Coins, A Handbook
Biographical Dictionary of Medallists Vol.II – L.Forrer (1904)
Biographical Dictionary of Medallists Vol.III – L.Forrer (1904)
Biographical Dictionary of Medallists Vol.IV – L.Forrer (1904)
Biographical Dictionary of Medallists Vol.V – L.Forrer (1904)
Biographical Dictionary of Medallists Vol.VI – L.Forrer (1904)
British metallic coins and tradesmen’s tokens with their value from 1600-1912 – G Kent (1912)
British Mueseum Guide to Coins & Medals Exhibit (1891)
Catalogue of a valuable collection of English Coins of the Reign of Charles I – by Cumberland Clark
Catalogue Of Antique Medieval & Modern Coins, Medals & Jetons – W. Strobridge (1874)
Catalogue of Roman Coins Collected by the Late Rev. Thomas Kerrich (1852)
Catalogue of the important historical collction of coins and medals made by Gerald E. Hart (1888)
Catalogue of the Valuable Collection of Medals, The Porperts of the Late John G Murdoch Esq
Celtic Coins From The Romano-British Temple At Harlow – D. Allen (unknown date) [8-page Article]
Celtic Inscriptions On Gaulish & British Coins – B. Poste (1862)
Celtic Inscriptions on Gaulish and_British Coins – B Poste (1861)
Chronicon preciosum or, An account of English Gold and Silver Money – W Fleetwood (1745)
Coin Encyclopedia –  John S Dye
Coin Inscriptions & the Origin of Writing in Pre-Roman Britain – J. Williams (unknown date) [17-page Article]
Coin Types Their Origin and Development (1905)
Coinage of Scotland giving a description of every variety issued by the Scottish mint in gold, silver, billon, and copper, from Alexander I. to Anne Stuart – J Robertson (1878)
Coins & Medals, Thier Places In History & Art – S. Lane-Poole (1892)
Coins and Tokens of the Possessions and Colonies of the British Empire – by James AAtkins
Coins medals and seals ancien an modern – W Prime (1864)
Coins of Great Britain and Ireland  in the British Museum (1899)
Coins of the Crusaders – unknown author and publication date
Coins Of The Roman Empire In The British Museum Vol.1 (augustus To Vitellius) (1923)
Coins Of The Roman Empire In The British Museum Vol.2 (vespasian To Domitian) (1930)
Coins Of The Roman Empire In The British Museum Vol.3 (nerva To Hadrian) (1936)
Coins Of The Roman Empire In The British Museum Vol.4 (antoninus Pius To Commodus) (1940)
Coins Of The Roman Republic In The British Museum Vol 1 – H. A. Grueber (1910)
Coins Of The Roman Republic In The British Museum Vol 2 – H. A. Grueber (1910)
Coins of the Romans  Relating To Britain – J. Y. Akerman (1844)
Coins of the Romans relating to Britain, described and illustrated – J Akerman (1844)
Coins Tokens and Medals of the Dominion of Canada (1869)
Coins weights and measures of British India (1834)_
Coins, Tokens and Medals of Cambridge – W G Searle 1871
Collection Of Coins & Medals Formed By Charles Butler (1911)
Compilation of English Silver Coins – Henry
Decimal coinage – J Laurie (1854)
Description of the Anglo-Gallic coins in the British Museum – 1826
Descriptive Catalogue of London Traders, Tavern and Coffee-House Tokens – Jacob Henry Burn (1855)
Descriptive particulars of English Coronation Medals, from Edward VI to Queen Victoria – W Till 1838
Discovery of Carlovingian Coins at Mullaboden, Ballymore Eustace
Dudley tradesmen’s tokens of the seventeenth, eighteenth & nineteenth centuries – M Perkins (1905)
English Coins & Tokens – L. Jewwitt (1886)
English Coins and Tokens – L Jewitt (1886)
English Seals – J Harvey Bloom (1906)
Essay on the Coins of Cunobelin – Emanuel Pegge (1766)
Essay on the Roman denarius and English Silver Penny- W Till (1838)
Five Roman Gold Medallions, Multiple Solidi Of The Late Empire – A. Baldwin (1921)
Gold Coinage Controversey of 1869 (1870)
Gold Coins of England
Grains and Grammes A Table of Equivalents for the Use of Numismatists – British Museum (1920)
Guide To The Coins Of Great Britain & Ireland – W. S. Thorburn (1888)
Guide To The Coins Of Great Britain & Ireland – W. S. Thorburn (1905)
Guide to the Collection of Irish Antiquities – Anglo Irish Coins – G Coffey (1911)
Guide to the Study and Arrangement of English Coins – Henfrey
Handbook of English Coins from Norman Conquest to Present
Historical References On Roman Empire Coins (Augustus-Gallienus) – E. A. Sydenham (1917)
History of Money Systems – Alexander Selmar (1895)
Illustrated Handbook of Money Currency and Precious Metals 1509-1920 – William Redman
Illustrations of the Anglo-French Coinage – 1830
Illustrations Of the Anglo-French Coinage – unknown author (1830)
Introduction To The Study Of Ancient & Modern Coins – J. Y. Akerman (1848)
Irish Coins & Currency Of Foreign Monies In Ireland – J. Simon (1810)
Kent’s Valuation of British Coins and Tokens –  J C Kent
Kents Valuation of British Coins and Tokens for 300 Years 1600-1912 (1913)
Medals of British FreeMasonary (1901)
Medals, Coins, Great Seals, and other works of Thomas Simon, Chief Engraver of the Mint from Charles I to Charles -G Vertue (1780)
Nicholas Tyery’s Proposals to Henry VII for an Irish Coinage (1886)
Numismata Cromwelliana, or Medallic Hisory of Oliver Cromwell (1877)
Numismata Scotiae, Scottish Coinage from William the Lion to the Union – A Cardonnel 1786
Nummi Britannici Historia, an historical account of English Money from the Conquest to James I – 1726
Observations of the system of Metallic Currency in this country – W Hamson Morrison (1837)
On the Irish Coins of Edward the Fourth – A Smith (1840)
On the Irish Coins of Henry the Seventh – A Smith (1843) [34-page Article]
Oxford Silver Pennies from 925 – 1272 AD – by C L Stainer
Provincial Copper Coins or Tokens 1787-1796 – Charles Pye
Rare & Unedited Roman Coins Vol 1 – J. Y. Akerman (1834)
Rare & Unedited Roman Coins Vol 2 – J. Y. Akerman (1834)
Records Of Roman History On Roman Coins Vol 1 – F. Hobler (1860)
Records Of Roman History On Roman Coins Vol 2 – F. Hobler (1860)
Records of the Coinage of Scotland, Vol I – R W Cochran-Patrick 1876
Records of the Coinage of Scotland, Vol II – R W Cochran-Patrick 1876
Report from the Royal Commission on International Coinage (1868)
Roman Coins Elementary Manual – F. Gnecchi (1903)
Roman Coins From The Earliest Times To Augustus – G. F. Hill (1909)
Roman Monetary System Vol 1 – E Sydenham (1819)
Roman Monetary System Vol 2 – E Sydenham (1819)
Scarce and Valuable Tracts on Paper Currency and Banking (1862)
Scotland and Ireland A Century of Progress in Coinage Studies – J. D. Bateson (unknown date) [11-page article]
Scottish Coinage in the First Half of the Fourteenth Century – L. Stewartby (unknown date) [16-page Article]
Scottish copper Crux pellit coinage – A typological analysis [50-page Article]
Scottish Recoinage of 1707-1709 and its Aftermath – A. Murray (unknown date) [20-page Article]
Simons Essay on Irish Coins and of the Currency of Foreign Monies in Ireland
Some Feudal Lords and their Seals
Tables Of Ancient Coins, Weights & Measures – C. Arbuthnot (1727)
The British Currency Decimalised and Imperialised – W.W.Hardwick (1915)
The coin collector’s manual Vol 1 – H. N. Humphreys (1853)
The coin collector’s manual Vol 2 – H. N. Humphreys (1853)
The coinage of Ireland in copper, tin and pewter, 1460-1826 – P Nelson (1905)
The Coinage of Ireland in Copper, Tin, and Pewter, 1460 – 1826 – Philip Nelson 1905
The Coinage of Scotland, Vol I – Edward Burns 1887
The Coinage of Scotland, Vol II – Edward Burns 1887
The Coinage of Scotland, Vol III – Edward Burns 1887
The coinage of Suffolk, the regal coins, leaden pieces and tokens – C Golding 1868
The Coinage of the Ancient Britons – J Evans 1864
The Coinage of William Wood 1722-1733 (1908)
The coins and tokens of the possessions and colonies of the British empire – J Atkins (1889)
The Coins of the Ancient Britons – J Evans 1864
The Coins of the Danish Kings of Ireland – B Roth (1910)
The Coins, Tokens and Medals of the Town, County and University of Cambridge – W Searle (1871)
The Decimal System in Numbers, Coins and Accounts – Sir John Bowring 1854
The Evolution of Coinage – George Macdonald (1916)
The forgeries of public money – J Akerman (1843)a_lecture
The gold coins of England, arranged and described – R Kenyon (1884)
The handbook of Roman numismatics – F Madden (1861)
The Irish Coins of Edward IV – A Smith (1840)
The nineteenth Century Token Coinage of Great Britain, Ireland ….  – W. J. Davis (1904)
The Numismatic Chronicle  40 Volumes  (1841-1899)
The Obsidional money of the great rebellion 1642 – 1649 – by Philip Nelson
The Origins of the English Sovereign & The Symbolism Of the Closed Crown – P. Grierson (unknown date) [17-page Article]
The Provincial Token-Coinage of the 18th Century – Dalton,R , Hamer S H (1915)
The Regulating Silver Coin (1696)
The Silver Coins of England – E Hawkins 1841
The silver coins of England, arranged and described – E Hawkins (1887)
The silver pound and England’s monetary policy since the restoration – S Horton (1887)
The Silver Token-Coinage mainly isused between 1811-1812 – R Dalton (1922)
The Silver Tokens of Great Britain and Ireland, The Dependencies, and Colonies – W Boyne 1866
The Story of the Bank of England – Henry Warren (1903)
The Story of the British Coinage – G B Rawlings
The Token Coimage of Warwickshire – W J Davis (1895)
The Token Money of The Bank of England 1797-1816 – Maberley Phillips (1900)
The token money of the Bank of England, 1797 to 1816 – M Phillips (1900)
The tradesmen’s tokens of the 17th century of Durham and Northumberland – W Brckett (1851)
The Tradesmen’s Tokens of the Eighteenth Century – James Atkins (1892)
The tradesmens tokens of the seventeen Century of Derbyshire – W Brockett (1857)
The Value of Numismatics In The Study Of Ancient History – C Medd (1865)
Thirty three plates of English medals – T Snelling (1876)
Tokens of the Eighteenth Century connected with Booksellers & Bookmakers – W Longman (1916)
Tokens_issued_in_the_17th, 18th and 19th Centurys in Yorkshire – W Boyne (1878)
Tradesman’s Tokens Current in London … 1648-1672 – John Yonge Akerman (1844)
Two dissertations upon the mint and coin of the Episcopal-Palatines of Durham – M Noble (1780)
View of the money system of England, from the Conquest; with proposals for establishing a secure and equable credit currency J Taylor (1828)

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