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140 Fly Fishing Books on DVD containing all aspects of the art and science of Fly Fishing. You can find out about the history and origins of fly fishing from the use of artificial flies to the science of fly tying to catch large game fish. Learn how to create imitation flies and find out where the best rivers to use them are. The books cover dry flies, wet flies, floating flies, fly rods, fly tackle and the art of fly casting and angling for salmon and trout.

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Key Books on DVD

A day’s angling on the Almond by F. Fayle (1862).pdf
A history of fly fishing for trout by J. W. Hills (1921).pdf
A year of liberty; or, Salmon angling in Ireland, from February 1 to November 1 by W. Peard (1867).pdf
All about trout fishing by J. A. Riddell (1909).pdf
Alphabet of scientific angling for the use of beginners by J. Rennie (1833).pdf
American trout-stream insects – a guide to angling flies and other aquatic insects alluring to trout by
Artificial flies and how to make them by M. A. Shipley (1888).pdf
British angling flies by M. Theakston (1888).pdf
Brook and river trouting, a manual of modern north country methods, with coloured illustrations of flie
Brook trout fishing by R. G. Allerton (1869).pdf
Catching the wily sea-trout by A. Cass (19–).pdf
Chalkstream and moorland, thoughts on trout-fishing by H. Russell (1911).pdf
Clear waters – trouting days and trouting ways in Wales, the West country, and the Scottish borderland
Days and nights of salmon fishing in the River Tweed by W. Scrope (1885).pdf
Days and nights of salmon fishing in the Tweed – with a short account of the natural history and habits
Dry-fly fishing by R. C. Bridgett (1922).pdf
Dry-fly fishing for trout and grayling – with some advice to a beginner in the art by J. Englefield (19
Dry-fly fishing in border waters by F. Ferni (1912).pdf
Dry-fly fishing in theory and practice by F. M. Halford (1902).pdf
Facts and fancies of salmon fishing by W. Cartwright (1874).pdf
Favorite flies and their histories by M. O. Marbury (1892).pdf
Fish and fishing in the long glens of Scotland by R. Knox (1854).pdf
Fishing by H. Cholmondeley-Pennell (1889).pdf
Fishing with floating flies by S. C. Camp (1913).pdf
Fishing with the fly sketches by lovers of the art, with illustrations of standard flies. Collected by
Flies and fly fishing for white and brown trout, grayling by J. Dick (1873).pdf
Floating flies and how to dress them – a treatise on the most modern methods of dressing artificial fli
Flood, field and forest by G. Rooper (187-).pdf
Fly fishing by E. Grey (1920).pdf
Fly fishing for trout and bass by C. F. Johnson (1893).pdf
Fly rods and fly-tackle; suggestions as to their manufacture and use by H. P. Wells (1885).pdf
Fly-fishing and fly-making for trout, etc by J. H. Keene (1887).pdf
Fly-fishing and worm-fishing for salmon, trout and grayling by H. Cholmondeley-Pennell (1876).pdf
Fly-fishing in Maine lakes or, camp-life in the wilderness by C. W. Stevens (1884).pdf
Fly-fishing in salt and fresh water by H. G. Hutchinson (1851).pdf
Forty years of trout and salmon fishing by J. L. Dickie (1921).pdf
Frank Forester’s Fish and fishing of the United States and British provinces of North America by H. W.
Halcyon; or, Rod-fishing with fly, minnow, and worm. To which is added a short and easy method of dress
How to catch trout by ‘Three Anglers’ (1889).pdf
How to dress salmon flies – a handbook for amateurs by T. E. Pryce-Tannant (1914).pdf
How to fish the dry fly by L. J. Rhead (1921).pdf
How to fish, a treatise on trout & trout-fishers. With eight full-page illustrations from photographs a
How to tie salmon flies; a treatise on the methods of tying the various kinds of salmon flies; with ill
In pursuit of the trout by G. A. B. Dewar (1898).pdf
In the land of the beautiful trout by A. T. Johnson (1907).pdf
Letters to a salmon fisher’s sons by A. H. Chaytor (1910).pdf
Life-history and habits of the salmon, sea-trout, trout, and other freshwater fish by P. D. Malloch (19
Lochs and loch fishing by S. Hamish (1899).pdf
Minor tactics of the chalk stream and kindred studies by G. Skues (1910).pdf
Modern development of the dry fly – the new dry fly patterns, the manipulation of dressing them and pra
Moorland and stream – with notes and prose idylls on shooting and trout fishing by W. Barry (1871).pdf
Moose-hunting, salmon-fishing and other sketches of sport being the record of personal experiences of
Mostly about trout by G. Aston (1921).pdf
My life as an angler by W. Henderson (1879).pdf
Observations on a salmon river by F. J. Griswold (1922).pdf
Ogden on fly tying, etc by J. Ogden (1887).pdf
Old flies in new dresses; how to dress dry flies with the wings in the natural position and some new we
Pleasures of angling with rod and reel for trout and salmon by G. Dawson (1876).pdf
Practical dry-fly fishing by E. M. Gill (1915).pdf
Practical fly fishing by L. St. John (1920).pdf
Practical fly-fishing, founded on nature by J. Beever (1893).pdf
Rambles and recollections of a fly-fisher. With an appendix, containing ample instructions to the novic
Recollections by A. Lansing (1909).pdf
Recollections of fly fishing for salmon, trout, and grayling, with notes on their haunts, habits, and h
Red palmer – a practical treatise on fly fishing by J. Tayler (1888).pdf
River angling for salmon and trout; with a memoir and list of the tweed salmon casts by J. Younger (186
Rod and river, or, Fly-fishing for salmon, trout and grayling bt A. T. Fisher (1892).pdf
Rod-fishing in clear waters by fly, minnow, and worm – with a short and easy method to the art of dress
Salmon and sea trout – how to propagate, preserve, and catch them in British waters by H. Maxwell (1898
Salmon and trout by D. Sage (1904).pdf
Salmon fishing by J. J. Hardy (1907).pdf
Salmon fishing by W. E. Hodgson (1920).pdf
Salmon-casts and stray shots by J. Colquhoun (1858).pdf
Salmon-fishing in Canada by unknown author (1860).pdf
Salmon-fishing in Canada, by a resident by W. A. Adamson (1860).pdf
Salmon-fishing on the grand Cascapedia by E. W. Davis (1904).pdf
Salmonia; or, Days of fly fishing. With some accounts of the habits of fishes belonging to the genus Sa
Secrets of the salmon by E. R. Hewitt (1922).pdf
Shooting and salmon fishing, and Highland sport by A. Grimble (1902).pdf
Shooting and salmon fishing; hints and recollections by A. Grimble (1892).pdf
Streamcraft; an angling manual. Profusely illustrated including ten color-plates by G. P. Holden (1919)
The American salmon fisherman by H. P. Wells (1886).pdf
The angler and the loop-rod by D. Webster (1885).pdf
The angler’s companion to the rivers and lochs of Scotland by T. T. Stoddart (1853).pdf
The angler’s companion, a popular and practical handbook to the art of angling by T. T. Stoddart (1892)
The angler’s complete guide and companion by G. Little (1881).pdf
The angler’s guide; or, Complete London angler by T. F. Salter (1814).pdf
The angler’s manual; or, Fly-fisher’s oracle. With a brief compendium of bottom-fishing by J. Turton (1
The art of trout fishing on rapid streams – comprising a complete system of fishing the North Devon str
The art of worm-fishing, a practical treatise on clear-water worming by A. Mackie (1912).pdf
The autobiography of the late Salmo Salar, esq. comprising a narrative of the life, personal adventure
The book of the dry fly by G. A. B. Dewar (1910).pdf
The book of the salmon; Usefully illustrated with numerous coloured engravings of salmon-flies, and sal
The book of the salmon; Usefully illustrated with numerous coloured engravings of salmon-flies, and sal
The brook trout and the determined angler by C. B. Bradford (1900).pdf
The Cascapedia Club by F. G. Griswold (1920).pdf
The complete science of fly fishing and spinning by F. G. Shaw (1915).pdf
The determined angler and the brook trout; an anthological volume of trout fishing, trout histories, tr
The dry fly and fast water; fishing with the floating fly on American trout streams, together with some
The dry-fly fisherman’s entomology by M. E. Mosely (1921).pdf
The dry-fly man’s handbook; a complete manual, including The fisherman’s entomology and the making and
The fly fisher’s guide – illustrated by coloured plates representing upwards of forty of the most usefu
The fly fisher’s text book by T. South (1841).pdf
The natural trout fly and its imitation – being an angler’s record of insects seen at the waterside and
The northern angler, or, Fly-fisher’s companion by J. Kirkbride (1837).pdf
The practical angler; or The art of trout-fishing more particularly applied to clear water by W. C. Ste
The practical fly-fisher by J. Jackson (1854).pdf
The rod and line or, Practical hints and dainty devices for the sure taking of trout, graylings, etc. b
The salmon by A. E. Gathorne-Hardy (1898).pdf
The salmon fisher by C. Hallock (1890).pdf
The salmon fly – how to dress it and how to use it by G. M. Kelson (1895).pdf
The salmon rivers of Scotland. With seventy-two full-page illustration and three maps by A. Grimble (19
The science of dry fly fishing and salmon fly fishing by F. G. Shaw (1907).pdf
The science of dry fly fishing by F. G. Shaw (1906).pdf
The south country trout streams by G. A. B. Dewar (1899).pdf
The speckled brook trout by L. Rhead (1902).pdf
The trout are rising in England and South Africa; a book for slippered ease by B. Bennion (1920).pdf
The trout by H. Rutland (1899).pdf
The trout fly dresser’s cabinet of devices, or How to tie flies for trout and grayling fishing. With ei
The trout waters of England – a practical guide to the fisherman for sea trout, brown trout, and grayli
The vade-mecum of fly-fishing for trout beings a complete practical treatise on that branch … and co
The way of a trout with a fly and some further studies in minor tactics by G. E. M. Skues (1921).pdf
The wonderful trout by J. A. Harvie-Brown (1898).pdf
Tournament casting and the proper equipment by L. S. Darling (1907).pdf
Trout and how to catch them by P. Castle (1920).pdf
Trout fishing – memories and morals by H. T. Sheringham (1920).pdf
Trout fishing by W. E. Hodgson (1904).pdf
Trout fishing in the Isle of Man by S. M. Tod (189-).pdf
Trout flies of Devon and Cornwall, and when and how to use them by G. W. Soltau (1856).pdf
Trout fly-fishing in America by C. Z. Southard (1914).pdf
Trout in lakes and reservoirs; a practical guide to managing, stocking, and fishing by E. Phillips (191
Trout in New Zealand where to go and how to catch them by W. H. Speckman (1892).pdf
Trout lore by O. W. Smith (1917).pdf
Trout waters management and angling by W. H. Armistead (1920).pdf
Trout-fishing and sport in Maoriland by G. D. Hamilton (1904).pdf
Trout-fishing for the beginner by R. Clapham (1922).pdf
Trout-fishing in brooks, its science and art by C. Garrow-Green (1919).pdf
Trouting on the Brulé River, or Summer-wayfaring in the northern wilderness by J. L. King (1880).pdf
W. Blacker’s art of angling, and complete system of fly making and dying of colours by W. Blacker (1842
Wet-fly fishing treated methodically by E. M. Tod (1903).pdf
Wings and hackle; a pot-pourri of fly fishing for trout and grayling and of notes on bird life, chiefly
Yorkshire trout flies; comprising ll plates of illustrations … and chapters on fishing the minnow, th

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