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Writer - The equivalent of Microsoft Word Over 170 Magic & Conjuring Books  covering all aspects of the ancient art of magic, illusion and conjuring. The book set is ideal for professional magicians and amatures or beginners. This great collection is a real treasure trove of research material containing all you need to know about magic with coins, cards, stage illusions, conjuring, hundreds of secrets exposed, sleight of hand, ventriloquism, mind reading, animal tricks and so much more.. This unique collection are illustrated and some date bback to athe 18000 or 1900s but the tricks still hold their magical charm.

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List of books

100s in PDF format

131 Magic Tricks for Amateurs.pdf
50 Simple Card Tricks (1930).pdf
A history of magic and experimental science Vol. 1 (1923).pdf
A history of magic and experimental science Vol. 2 (1923).pdf
A History of the Art of Magic (1887).pdf
A magician in many lands (1911).pdf
A magician’s tour, up and down and round about the earth – being the life and adventures of the American Nostradamus, Harry Kellar (1890).pdf
A Modern Handkerchief Act (1914).pdf
Advanced Magic (1919).pdf
After Dinner Tricks (1921).pdf
An history of magic, witchcraft, and animal magnetism Vol. 1 (1851).pdf
An history of magic, witchcraft, and animal magnetism Vol. 2 (1851).pdf
Annemann’s complete one man mental and psychic routine (1935).pdf
Annemann’s mental bargain effects (1935).pdf
Annemann’s Mental Mysteries (1929).pdf
Around the world with a magician and a juggler (1891).pdf
Bargain Magic (1921).pdf
Book of One Hundred and Fifty Parlor Tricks and Games (1905).pdf
Bulletin of Latest Sleights and Tricks (1914).pdf
Cagliostro – the splendour and misery of a master of magic (1910).pdf
Card And Ball Tricks With Patter (1916).pdf
Card Fan Productions (1941).pdf
Card Tricks – Conjuring With Cards (1900).pdf
Card Tricks And The Way They Are Performed.pdf
Card-sharpers – Their Tricks Exposed or The Art of Always Winning (1891).pdf
Celestial Agent (1944).pdf
Cigarette Magic and Manipulation (1929).pdf
Collins’ Card Conceits (1925).pdf
Compleat System of Magick or The History of The Black Art.pdf
Complete hypnotism, mesmerism, mind-reading and spiritualism  how to hypnotize, being an exhaustive and practical system of method, application and use (1903).pdf
Confidences de Robert-Houdin – une vie d’artiste, theïa^tre et prestidigitation (1861).pdf
Conjuring For Amateurs – A Practical Treatise On How to Perform Modern Tricks (1901).pdf
Conjuring Patter (1907).pdf
Conjuring Tricks With Coins, Watches, Rings and Handkerchiefs (1900).pdf
Der kleine Zauberer, oder, Anweisung zu leichten und belustigenden Kunststuùcken aus der natuùrlichen Magie (1802).pdf
Die Magie des XIX. Jahrhunderts als Kunst und als Geheimwissenschaft (1896).pdf
Different Magic (Unknown date).pdf
Dwellers on the threshold, or, Magic and magicians (1864).pdf
Easy Magic (1913).pdf
Fifty Years in the Magic Circle (1871).pdf
Fooling Millions (1928).pdf
Grant’s super magical secrets (1900).pdf
Great East Indian Rope trick (1914).pdf
Herrmann’s Wizards’ Manual -A  Practical Treatise on Coin Tricks (1916).pdf
Hindu Magic – An Expose of the Tricks of the Yogis and Fakirs of India (1913).pdf
History Of Magic And Experimental Science (1923).pdf
History of Magic and Magicians (1895).pdf
Houdini’s Paper Magic (1922).pdf
How To Become a Magician (1882).pdf
How to Entertain a Social Party (1875).pdf
How to Read People’s Minds (1905).pdf
Illustrated descriptive price-list of magical apparatus and illusions (1884).pdf
Impromptu Magic with Patter (1930).pdf
In the Magic Circle (1905).pdf
Indian conjuring (1922).pdf
Kirbye’s original second-sight mystery and pretended clairvoyance exposed (1855).pdf
La Vellma’s Vaudeville Budget for Magicians, Mind Readers and Ventriloquists (1921).pdf
Later Magic (1904).pdf
Latest Magic – Original Conjuring Tricks (1918).pdf
Latter Day Tricks (1896).pdf
Leaves From Conjurers’ Scrap Books – Modern Magicians and Their Works (1971).pdf
Letters on natural magic (1883).pdf
Linking Ring Manipulation (1930).pdf
Lives of the necromancers or, An account of the most eminent persons in successive ages, who have claimed for themselves, or to whom has been imputed by others, the exercise of magical power (1834).pdf
Lorento’s Wizards’ Guide – Magic Made Easy (1878).pdf
Magic (1903).pdf
Magic – Stage Illusions and Scientific Diversions  Including Trick Photography (1897).pdf
Magic – the Magazine of Wonder Vol. 1 (1910).pdf
Magic and fetishism (1906).pdf
Magic for the Forces (1918).pdf
Magic No Mystery – Conjuring Tricks with Cards, Balls and Dice, Magic Writing and Performing Animals ([1876]).pdf
Magic Up to Date – Shaw’s Magical Instructor (1896).pdf
Magic, Black and White; Charms and Counter Charms (1910).pdf
Magic, pretended miracles, and remarkable natural phenomena (1855).pdf
Magic, White and Black, Or the Science of Finite and Infinite Life (1900).pdf
Magic; in which are given clear and concise explanations of all the well-known illusions (1903).pdf
Magical revelations, a book of exceptional magic (19–).pdf
Magical Suggestions (1921).pdf
Magician’s Tricks.pdf
Malay magic (1900).pdf
Master Sleights With Billiard Balls (1914).pdf
Memoirs of Robert-Houdin, Ambassador, Author, and Conjuror (1860).pdf
Mental magic, a rationale of thought reading (1884).pdf
Milk Pitcher Magic (1946).pdf
Mind reading (1875).pdf
Mind-power – the secret of mental magic (1912).pdf
Miscellaneous Tricks With Handkerchiefs  Including a Fifteen Minute Act With Silks (1921).pdf
Modern Magic – A Practical Treatise On The Art of Conjuring. (1904).pdf
More Magic of the Hands (1938).pdf
Mysterious Tricks (1930).pdf
Mysto Magic (1919).pdf
Natural magick (1658).pdf
New and Original Magic For the Professional Artist and The Amateur (1922).pdf
New Era Card Tricks (1897).pdf
New Ideas in Magic Illusions & Spiritualistic Effects (1902).pdf
On the Other Side of the Footlights – An Expose of Magic Routines (1922).pdf
Original Creation for Magicians Hitherto Kept Up His Sleeve (c1920).pdf
Our Magic, The Art in Magic, The Theory of Magic, The Practice of Magic (1911).pdf
Pack a Deck (1939).pdf
Peerless prestidigitation, being a collection of entirely new ideas and effects in the fascinating art of modern magic (1910).pdf
Practical Conjuring (1911).pdf
Prestidigitation (1870).pdf
Prof. T. C. Cole’s jr. Complete mail course in hypnotism; twenty-five illustrated lessons (1900).pdf
Radio-Vision The New Mind Reading Code (1940).pdf
Recollections of Robert Houdin, Clockmaker, Electrician, Conjuror (1898).pdf
Revelations – mental telepathy, thought transference, mind reading, second sight, hypnotism etc., etc., how it is done, and how to do it (1925).pdf
Revelations Devoted to the Interest of the Magician (Date Unknown).pdf
Riddles and drawing-room magic (1907).pdf
Sealed Mysteries (1911).pdf
Second sight explained; a complete exposition of clairvoyance or second sight (1880).pdf
Second Sight Secrets and Mechanical Magic (1905).pdf
Secrets of The Great Mysteries Now Revealed For The First Time (1909).pdf
Sharps and flats (1894).pdf
Shhh It’s A Secret (1934).pdf
Si Stedbbins card tricks and the way they are performed (19–).pdf
Side-Show and Animal Tricks (1913).pdf
Silk Creations (1931).pdf
Six Card Creations (1929).pdf
Sixteen Master Card Mysteries (1928).pdf
Sleight of Hand (probably the single most complete book ever written on magic).pdf
Sleights – Incidental Effects, Tricks, Sleights, Moves And Passes (1914).pdf
Some Magicians I Have Met (1905).pdf
Some Modern Conjuring – A Series of Original Experiments in The Magic Art (1909).pdf
Spirit Slate Writing and Kindred Phenomena (1898).pdf
Stage Illusions (1912).pdf
Stories of the magicians (1887).pdf
Telepathy With Cards (1910).pdf
The adventurous life of a versatile artist, Houdini (1922).pdf
The Amateur Magician (1880).pdf
The Art Of Magic (1909).pdf
The art of projecting. A manual of experimentation in physics, chemistry, and natural history with the porte lumiere and magic lantern (1888).pdf
The Art of the Stage (1914).pdf
The Black Art – Magic Made Easy (1869).pdf
The Black Art Fully Exposed and Laid Bare (1875).pdf
The Boy Magician – A Large Number of the Latest and Best Tricks (1922).pdf
The Burglar – Card Tricks (1921).pdf
The Challenge Handcuff Act (1916).pdf
The Crest Magician (1907).pdf
The history of magic – including a clear and precise exposition of its procedure, its rites and its mysteries (1922).pdf
The history of magic Vol. 1 (1854).pdf
The history of magic Vol. 2 (1854).pdf
The Magic Art (1920).pdf
The Magical Mail.pdf
The Magician’s Own Book – The Whole Art of Conjuring (1862).pdf
The mysteries of astrology, and the wonders of magic (1854).pdf
The new black magic and the truth about the ouija-board (1919).pdf
The occult sciences – a compendium of transcendental doctrine and experiment; embracing an account of magical practices; of secret sciences in connection with magic (1891).pdf
The occult sciences – The philosophy of magic, prodigies and apparent miracles Vol. 1 (1846).pdf
The occult sciences – The philosophy of magic, prodigies and apparent miracles Vol. 2 (1846).pdf
The Old and The New Magic (1906).pdf
The place of magic in the intellectual history of Europe (1905).pdf
The play room; or, In-door games for boys and girls … parlor magic, tricks with cards, scientific recreations and puzzles (19–).pdf
The Practical Magician and Ventriloquist’s Guide (1877).pdf
The Real Secret of the Stage Second Sight Act (1916).pdf
The Secrets of Ancient and Modern Magic; (1880).pdf
The Secrets of Stage Conjuring (1881).pdf
The Triple Climax (1921).pdf
The True Secret of Mind Reading as Performed by the Zancigs (1911).pdf
The unmasking of Robert-Houdin (1908).pdf
Thimble Magic (1936).pdf
Thirty One Man Mind Reading (1935).pdf
Thirty-seven effective after dinner tricks and how to perform them (19–).pdf
Thought-reading exposed how to become a thought-reader (1914).pdf
Thurston’s Easy Pocket Tricks The A-B-C of Magic (1915).pdf
Trademark & Copyright Notice.pdf
Tricks and Magic Made Easy (1919).pdf
Tricks in Magic (1895).pdf
Tricks of a Trouper (1946).pdf
Tricks of the Masters (1942).pdf
Trix and Chatter (1921).pdf
Twentieth Century Magic and the Construction of Modern Magical Apparatus (1898).pdf
Vaudeville mind reading and kindred phenomena (1920).pdf
Ventriloquism Made Easy, An Exposure of Magic and The Second Sight Mystery (1860).pdf
Wehman Bros.’ new book of one hundred and fifty parlor tricks and games (1905).pdf
White magic (19–).pdf
Witchcraft or The art of fortune-telling unveiled (1805).pdf

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