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Writer - The equivalent of Microsoft Word Railway Model design software with extensive features. Excellent picture tutorial to get you up and running quickly. You can create layouts of any scale or size. Includes libraries for many brands of track and turnouts. New components can be easily added with the built in editor. Testing of design by running trains including picking them up and moving them around with your pointeing device.

It supports any scale, has libraries of popular brands of turnouts and sectional track (plus you add your own easily), can automatically use spiral transition curves when joining track and has extensive on-line help and demonstrations. The software lets you manipulate track much like you would with actual flex-track to modify, extend and join tracks and turnouts. Additional features include tunnels, ‘post-it’ notes, on-screen ruler, parts list, 99 drawing layers, undo/redo commands, benchwork, ‘Print to BitMap’, elevations, train simulation and car inventory.


Using the railway designer can be a little tricky to start with, so we include the getting started picture tutorial. Once you get the hang of it, it is very versatile, and in our opinion better than the Hornby software that we have tested. We find the track plans look stylish and less like a game or toy (like  Hornby software does).

  • support for any scale or gauge
  • on-line demonstrations, extensive help, tips and error message explanations
  • straight and curved flex-track segments
  • turnouts, crossings (and sectional track such as Atlas Snaptrack)
  • parallel straight and curved tracks
  • turntables (user defined diameter and angles)
  • track circles and tangent tracks
  • two tracks either by moving the track or by adding flextrack
  • automatic easement calculation
  • tunnels (hidden tracks)
  • undo the last ten commands
  • direct manipulation of track position or dimensions from keyboard
  • moving and rotating any group of objects
  • drawing lines, arcs and filled shapes (for showing river edges etc.)
  • drawing table edges, bench work and dimension lines
  • annotation with text and notes
  • on-screen ruler for measurements
  • printout of trackplan in any scale, even fullsize
  • inventory of rolling stock
  • train simulation, which includes picking up and moving trains with the mouse much like you can do with your hands in real life
  • up to 99 layers


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