The Complete Guide To Getting A Teaching Job

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Everything you need to know to land your dream teaching job

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What Will I Learn?

  • Use unconventional job search techniques to find teaching jobs ahead of the competition and land interviews
  • Confidently walk into any teacher interview with knowledge of the top questions interviewers ask and the best answers
  • Teach a demonstration lesson that will impress


  • Teaching prerequisites for the area you desire to teach in is extremely helpful, but is not required (these requirements can be fulfilled later or during the course).


This online course is for anyone looking for a teaching job. It?s also a great refresher course for any teacher who wants to change teaching jobs.

The one thing I didn?t realize during my teaching career was the need to keep updating my resume, my networking and my interviewing skills. If you ever get downsized, or change teaching positions or want to leave your district for another district, you need these skills to get the teaching job you want.

In this course,?you?ll discover the?techniques I used to get a teacher job:

  • Two little known, unconventional job search techniques?that will help you source teaching jobs way ahead of the competition ? sometimes before the job is even advertised!
  • The one sentence to add to your Cover Letter that will help?to land you an interview. This isn?t common practice but it definitely works!
  • The number one secret to landing a teacher interview.?(Your interviewers will love you for doing this).
  • What?never?to put on a teacher cover letter. (This is so simple, but it happens all the time).
  • How to create a teacher resume that makes YOU stand out from the competition.
  • Resume mistakes that make recruiters furious.?
  • How to bridge those trouble spots, sell your skills?and yourself.
  • How to block stress?BEFORE the Interview.
  • Be prepared!?Secret tools?to bring to an interview.
  • Preparing?for a job interview?mentally.
  • 25 practice questions that interviewers are sure to ask.?(Each one comes with tips on how to answer each question AND?detailed (and I mean detailed!)?actual sample answers!)
  • How to teach a demonstration lesson?or session that will really impress the panel! Get this right and they?ll want to hire you on the spot.
  • 12 questions YOU should ask the interviewer to?let them know you?re serious?about getting the job.

Who is the target audience?

  • This course is designed for anyone looking to land a teaching job, or change teaching positions.
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