TypeScript, Angular, Firebase & Angular Material Masterclass

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Build Single Page Application(SPA) from Scratch using Angular 5. Learn basics of TypeScript, Firebase & Angular Material

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What Will I Learn?

  • Built a Single Page Application using Angular
  • Using TypeScript
  • Implementing various building blocks in Angular
  • Using Third Party Modules like Angular Material and AngularFire 2


  • NodeJS Installed
  • Basic knowledge of NodeJS, NPM, node_modules
  • We’ll use AngularCLI, so make sure that it’s installed as well.
  • We’ll use Visual Studio Code as our IDE
  • You should know JavaScript
  • Experience with Object Oriented Programming is a plus


Following is the Curriculum followed in this course:

  • TypeScript, Angular Application Architecture and Angular CLI
  • Angular Modules and Angular Components.
  • Angular’s Component LifeCycle Hooks
  • Dependency Injection In Angular
  • Routing
  • Services
  • Directives
  • Pipes
  • Forms
  • Custom Decorators
  • Angular Material
  • Firebase
  • TypeScript, Angular Application Architecture and Angular CLI

    • What is a Single Page Application
    • Why Angular
    • Types
    • Let, Const
    • Class, Interface
    • Fat Arrow Functions
    • Decorators Modules
    • What is Angular CLI and how to use it.?Basic tasks (ng serve/build/test, ng generate component/service/directive/pipe)
    • Architecture of Angular Applications Built using Angular-CLI
    • Change Detection strategy (Zones) – Theoretical

    Angular Modules and Angular Components

    • @NgModule
    • Angular Application Bootstrap Mechanism
    • @Component
    • Data/Property Binding
    • View Encapsulation
    • Inter-component Communication (@Input/@Output, Event Emitter)
    • Template variables (ViewChild/ContentChild)
    • Content Projection(ng-content)
    • Templates ? will be covered as part of components
    • Metadata ? basic overview
    • Lifecycle hooks
    • Order and triggering of each hook
    • Hooks specific to Components and Decorators

    Dependency Injection(Providers)

    • Dependency Injection – Why?
    • Dependency Injection – As a design pattern
    • Dependency Injection – As a framework
    • Dependency Injection – What?
    • Injectors and Providers
    • Hierarchical Dependency Injection


    • Child routes
    • Route params
    • Route Guards – CanActivate, CanActivateChild, CanDeactivate, Resolve, CanLoad


    • Service as a singleton, data sharing.
    • HttpClient, HttpHeaders, HttpParams
    • Observables with Operators like?map, subscribe,?catch, retry etc
    • Subjects
    • Sharing data across Components using Service


    • Built In?Structural Directives – NgFor, NgIf, NgSwitch
    • Built In?Attribute Directives – NgClass, NgStyle, NgNonBindable
    • Building a?Custom Structural Directive
    • Building a?Custom Attribute Directive


    • Build in Pipes
    • Building Custom Pipes
    • Pure and Impure Pipe


    • Template Driven Forms
    • Reactive forms
    • Form Validations
    • Custom Synchronous?form validations
    • Custom Asynchronous?form validations

    Custom Decorators

    • Metadata ? deep dive
    • Building Custom Class Decorator
    • Building Custom Property Decorator

    Integrating with?Third Party Libraries

    • Material Design Bootstrap
    • Angular Material
    • Firebase

    Who is the target audience?

    • Anyone who wants to learn Angular
    • Anyone interested in building Single Page Applications
    • Anybody who wants to know Angular in depth
    • Anyone who wants to learn TypeScript, Firebase and Angular Material
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